Friday, May 4, 2012

Compile Error: WSDLException, faultCode=CONFIGURATION_ERROR...

I found the best solution for such errors when using Spring WS.

So, if you see errors like:
 WSDLException, faultCode=CONFIGURATION_ERROR...

Take a look at this url

Nicely categorized list of java libraries/utilities/frameworks

For up-to-date frameworks/utilities/libraries, this truly deserves it's name, ultimate collection!
Further, there are very nice tutorials/examples in there as well!

Turn off the windows automatic updates

I am one of those people who don't like to turn off their PCs. Yea, really nice waste of energy, I know...

Usually work PC is the place when always something is running overnight, either some sort of calculations, parsing, simulations or any other nerdy stuff are performed.

The most annoying part, when you work on windows, are the automatic updates. It can restart your PC by itself just to apply just installed updates. "§$%&%$ windows!

The disable such a stupid option,
Go to Start, Run "gpedit.msc" to bring up the group policy editor.
Then navigate to the folder
Local Computer Policy
->Computer Configuration
->Administrative Templates
->Windows Components
->Windows Update

There are two settings and both will work, so it's your choice. Either enable No auto-restart for schedule Automatic Updates installations or set Re-prompt for restart with scheduled installations to a long time interval, like 1440 minutes.

I prefer the first one :)