Saturday, October 7, 2017

Deep Neural Networks Tuning MindMap

I have invested some to learn and summarize Optimization strategies of Deep Neural Networks. I created a mind map to help me to remember/structure all possibilities.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Create your own formats and informats

create new formats and informats, and some typical examples Paper (PDF) Wiki Article

Browse through file system with SAS Base

It often happens that task comes to implement certain SAS program on a machine which internal file system is not available.
These files can be useful to list files and folders, and read files, which have access granted to local user used to execute SAS programs (usually sassrv user)
In order to browse through file system where SAS is running, the following two SAS programs can be very useful:

Listing Files and Folders of the system hosting SAS

Read Files and display it in SAS Output as text

P.S. Second example is taken from SAS website, but always extremely hard to find.

SAS and Web/REST Service Calls

SAS offers a possibility to communicate with Web Services and REST services using a couple of tools.
Most important products of SAS required to properly communicate with Web Services/REST Services are:
  • XML Library Engine (xmlv2)

The following examples show how are these coupled together:

Calling and Parsing the Web Service using SAS

Calling and Parsing the REST service using SAS

Friday, July 7, 2017

How to extract filename and extension from the absolute path in SAS

This is very simple problem in SAS, but somewhat nowhere on internet written. You can use scan function to catch last occurrence of string.