Thursday, January 17, 2008

Changing communication channel and RF Power

To change default communication channel and RF Power you can either:
1) edit opt/tinyos-1.x/tos/lib/CC2420Radio/CC2420Const.h
CC2420_DEF_CHANNEL 11 (this is default value)
CC2420_DEF_RFPOWER 0x1f (31, maximum, if you for example want to test multihop routing easiest way is to make RFPOWER smaller)

2) add line in Makefile
CC2420_DEF_RFPOWER= 0x1f

3) change it in program by colling function from CC2420Control interface, called:
SetRFPower(uint8_t power);

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

TinyOS little help

Last 2 months I was actively working in TinyOS, and since there's no better place than internet to put solutions to problems which most likely you will forget in near future, I will write here some little things about TinyOS.

In general, that was the main idea of this blog.
Quite recently I started with Linux, which have as usual, a lot of difficulties with drivers; you find a number of solutions which maybe one or maybe none is working.

Yes this is also public cause I support idea of helping people with similar problems over internet.
That is just my gratitude for all those nice people who helped me simply by posting their solutions on forums and other public places.